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Book Loons Review of Write to Die

Write to Die by Charles Rosenberg is a new legal thriller as well as the beginning of a new series. Rosenberg weaves a tale, using Hollywood as a backdrop, the story carried by dialogue that flows beautifully. Entertainment lawyer Rory Calburton, a former Deputy DA, finds himself involved in the trials of a lifetime. Hollywood is set to announce the premier of a new movie that the producers are sure will be a big hit. At the opening, a former superstar appears out of nowhere and states that she is the author of the script for this movie and is suing for a big-time settlement. When murder hits the scene, Rory is handed this case also with advice given by the head of his law firm.

Having two big cases to finesse at the same time, Rory is saddled with a new associate at the firm who is determined to run things her own way – legal or not. Rory is sure the two cases are connected and we, as readers, have the cases before us. I found the inner workings of the law fascinating. Rosenberg not only attended a prestigious law school but also taught courses in law. He has acted as consultant to many law-based TV programs. The best part is that this man writes so well. The suspense in this plot will grab you and not let go. As will the interplay between Rory and Sarah Gold, the new name in the law firm. Plagiarism and murder make for good reading. Don't miss this one. I already look forward to the next in this engrossing series.

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