It’s a Mystery: New year’s crop of whodunits is all over the map

“Write to Die” by Charles Rosenberg (Thomas & Mercer, $15.95, 498 pages) For entertainment lawyer Rory Calburton, recently made a partner in his prestigious Los Angeles firm, the arrival of Sarah Gold as his assistant is definitely a mixed blessing. Sarah has trouble controlling her impulses, particularly those that involve doing something dangerous. Some of her little ventures bring in useful information, but Rory keeps worrying that she will either compromise the firm in some way or she will get caught — or both. There’s plenty of real work to do. Rory is defending a large movie studio against a charge that the script for its next blockbuster was stolen from a big-name star who has been c

A Conversation with Attorney and Author Charles Rosenberg - Omnimystery News

We are delighted to welcome attorney and author Charles Rosenberg to Omnimystery News today. Chuck's new legal thriller — also the first in a new series — is Write To Die (Thomas & Mercer; July 2016 trade paperback and ebook formats) and we recently had the opportunity to spend some time with him talking about it. Read more here.

Interview With Charles Rosenberg: From Zero to Bestselling Author in 2 Years

In the space of just over two years, an Charles Rosenberg went from zero to bestselling author. How did he do it? Here’s what happened… A couple of years ago, I downloaded a free Kindle book by Charles Rosenberg. It was called Death on a High Floor. Honestly, I didn’t expect much. But I was so excited by the style of writing that I hunted down Charles on Facebook and sent him this message: “Loved the book! Where is your second novel?” ‘Chuck’ wrote back, saying, “I’m in the process of writing it.” “Hurry up, then,” I replied, “I can’t wait to read it.” Since then, Charles Rosenberg has become a bestselling author and has moved into the top rank of suspense writers. I wanted to know more abo

Midwest Book Review: Write to Die

Write to Die Charles Rosenberg Thomas & Mercer 9781503937611 $15.95 pbk / $4.99 Kindle Synopsis: Hollywood's latest blockbuster is all set to premiere - until a faded superstar claims the script was stolen from her. To defend the studio, in steps the Harold Firm, one of Los Angeles's top entertainment litigation firms and as much a part of the glamorous scene as the studios themselves. As a newly minted partner, it's Rory Calburton's case, and his career, to win or lose. But the seemingly tame civil trial turns lethal when Rory stumbles upon the strangled body of his client's general counsel. And the ties that bind in Hollywood constrict even tighter when the founder of the

On the Spotlight: WRITE TO DIE, a legal thriller by Charles Rosenberg

WRITE TO DIE, Charles Rosenberg’s blockbuster legal thriller is set against the backdrop of Hollywood’s entertainment industry, and marks the debut of a new series. Write to Die introduces protagonist Rory Calburton, a former Deputy DA turned entertainment lawyer who is swept up in the trial of a lifetime when murder hits the heart of the movie business. A sensational tale informed by Charles Rosenberg’s decades-long legal career, Write to Die sizzles. With its seemingly ripped-from-the-headlines storyline, exhilarating plot, and pulse-pounding action, Write to Die heralds the advent of an outstanding new mystery series. Resplendent with realistic courtroom drama, richly drawn characters tha

Book Loons Review of Write to Die

Write to Die by Charles Rosenberg is a new legal thriller as well as the beginning of a new series. Rosenberg weaves a tale, using Hollywood as a backdrop, the story carried by dialogue that flows beautifully. Entertainment lawyer Rory Calburton, a former Deputy DA, finds himself involved in the trials of a lifetime. Hollywood is set to announce the premier of a new movie that the producers are sure will be a big hit. At the opening, a former superstar appears out of nowhere and states that she is the author of the script for this movie and is suing for a big-time settlement. When murder hits the scene, Rory is handed this case also with advice given by the head of his law firm. Having two

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